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EEWW! That’s Yucky!

If any of your students have turned away when peering into a microscope, they may be tmummyurning away from science. Rather than being intrigued, some elementary students are adversely affected by what they see in a microscope. Unidentifiable squiggly things in a drop of tap water, the magnified eyes of a fly, the prickly legs of a garden spider…any or all of these could dampen a young child’s curiosity about the world around him.

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Breathing Your Way to Better Health

The “breathprint” of a student giving a sampleWhen you’re feeling sick, it’s unpleasant to visit the doctor and maybe get stuck with a needle…it’s even worse  waiting for days for a lab result to tell you that… you’re sick! Well, imagine if you could visit your doctor and just blow into a tube. They immediately receive the results, called a “breathprint,” and give a quick diagnosis. It sounds futuristic, but that future may be closer than you think. Scientists had subjects breathe into a rubber tube that runs into a scientific instrument. They are able to match breathprints to the individuals who provided them.

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Schools Shift from Textbooks to Tablets

School TabletsSurprise, surprise, kids aren’t just using tablets to play “Angry Birds”! Teachers are successfully incorporating tablets within schools everyday to boost interactive learning and connectivity for students across the world. The days of hauling a heavy backpack filled with textbooks may soon be over. Tablets are quickly becoming popular among K-12 students and teachers, replacing textbooks and computers.

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