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A New Type of Engineering Could Save Earths Climate

Shared from Tech Insider and BBC News.

bubblesWe all know Bill Nye is not shy about sharing his opinions on controversial subjects, and his views on climate change are no different. In an interview with National Geographic a couple of weeks ago he discussed a type of engineering that could have the potential to combat climate change in a major way.

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STEM Career: STEM Teacher

Every great student requires a great teacher. The fields about which we have written, and the fields about teacher 2which we will continue to write, all encourage students to begin taking STEM courses in high school. These STEM courses need good teachers to teach them. If learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is what you want to do in college, and then you want to pass that knowledge on to future generations, consider becoming a STEM teacher.

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STEM Career: Robotics Engineering

humanoid robotRobots are becoming ubiquitous in everyday life. Robots build cars, help us checkout at the grocery store, and complete millions of tasks which human beings used to do. Those who design robots must understand computer science, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and some aspects of human psychology. If you think that you can make better and more efficient robots, then perhaps pursuing a career in robotics engineering is your path.

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STEM CAREER PROFILE: Astronomer & Astrophysicist

3002709When you look at Earth from the vast reaches of space, it looks like a blue marble. In the words of Carl Sagan, from his book, Pale Blue Dot, “That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.” Do you ever look up at the night sky and wonder what happens beyond the confines of this planet?

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Feeney-2009-YELL_photo9The earth is our home, but it has existed for much longer than the human race. Geoscientists study the earth — its composition, its irregularities, its structure — to learn more about its history, and to tell us its secrets. Geoscientists use their knowledge of geology, physics and chemistry to study the earth.

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STEM Career Profile: Geneticist

geneticist-salarySome children look like one parent, while others look like both parents; some siblings practically look like identical twins, while other siblings couldn’t look more different. Why are some genes passed down through generations, while others aren’t? Ask a geneticist.

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Are Bioluminescent Trees Possible?

We’ve all enjoyed evening strolls in the park with paths lit by street lights. Can you imagine a street or path illuminated not by street lights but by trees? This far-fetched fantasy may someday become a reality with genetically modified bioluminescent plants.



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New books may solve the world water crisis!

Solving the World’s Water Crisis, One Page at a Time

By Colleen Salvatore

WaterOn a hot summer day, nothing quenches your thirst more than a tall glass of ice cold water. We take for granted how clean drinking water is readily available with a turn of a spigot. Almost one billion people worldwide, however, lack access to clean drinking water. In fact, 3.4 million people die each year from water-related diseases, and 20 percent of children under the age of five in rural developing countries die from waterborne diseases.

A Real Page Turner
WATERisLIFE, a non-profit organization, DDB New York, an advertising agency, and Dr. Theresa Dankovich, a chemist with the University of Virginia and Carnegie Mellon University, partnered to find a cost-effective, simple method to provide clean drinking water for people in developing counties. The collaborative result is The Drinkable Book, a manual that teaches safe water habits and actually produces potable water.

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