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The Science of Fireworks

fireworks7What are The Fourth of July, baseball games and New Years Eve all known for? FIREWORKS of course! The bright and sparkling lights from fireworks are so unique and beautiful and a great firework show can be unforgettable. But what are fireworks? How do they create those magical displays in the sky? Fireworks may seem astonishing, but the science behind them is easy to understand.

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EEWW! That’s Yucky!

If any of your students have turned away when peering into a microscope, they may be tmummyurning away from science. Rather than being intrigued, some elementary students are adversely affected by what they see in a microscope. Unidentifiable squiggly things in a drop of tap water, the magnified eyes of a fly, the prickly legs of a garden spider…any or all of these could dampen a young child’s curiosity about the world around him.

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Men and Women Really do See Things Differently

Science Proves Difference Between Men and Women

Sometimes it may seem as if you and your significant other are on completely different wavelengths. We’ve all noticed that men and women seem to think differently, but recent research suggests that they actually see things differently—particularly when it comes to colors. It seems that women are better at distinguishing among subtle color differences,   while men have a greater sensitivity to fine detail and rapidly moving, distant objects. So, if you’ve always wondered why someone in particular of the opposite sex doesn’t see what you see, hopefully this article can answer your question.

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