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Keeping Skyscrapers Steady

Skyscrapers blue sky Wallpapers Pictures Photos ImagesIf you’ve ever been perched high in a tree when a stiff breeze blows, you know how unsettling a slight sway from vertical feels. Imagine being in a skyscraper with 50 mile per hour winds, buffeting your glass-enclosed condo or office. Feeling queasy?

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Color Changing Ice Cream?

ice-cream-color-changingIt’s summer! … full of pool parties, picnics, amusement parks and just all-around fun-in-the- sun. And along with all of the good people and times, always comes food! From that delicious burger on the grill to that potato salad to everything in between and all of the delicious desserts, we can never get enough.
And if things couldn’t get any better, there is now an ice cream that changes colors as you lick!

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