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Demystifying De-Extinction

Every species becomes extinct eventually. Animals such as the woolly mammoth and passenger pigeon are one of the many species who failed to leave behind descendants that could adapt to their surroundings and carry on their genetic lineage. But what if there was a process that could bring extinct species back to life? Scientists are getting closer to making this a reality thanks to de-extinction. Continue reading “Demystifying De-Extinction” »

Geneticists Enter Feline Territory

white-cat-green-blue-eyesAttempts to unravel the mysteries of temperamental feline personalities and behaviors have challenged cat owners for centuries. The feline genetic paw print has been just as elusive for scientists. Over the past decade geneticists have favored genetic research with dogs over cats, given the similarities between human and canine diseases. But new, exciting research aims to decode the cat genome and identify genetic abnormalities responsible for feline diseases and unique breed traits.

Continue reading “Geneticists Enter Feline Territory” »