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Demystifying De-Extinction

Every species becomes extinct eventually. Animals such as the woolly mammoth and passenger pigeon are one of the many species who failed to leave behind descendants that could adapt to their surroundings and carry on their genetic lineage. But what if there was a process that could bring extinct species back to life? Scientists are getting closer to making this a reality thanks to de-extinction. Continue reading “Demystifying De-Extinction” »

The Name Game: Brontosaurus vs. Apatosaurus

Dinosaurs firbrontosaurusst appeared during the Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era over 245 to 208 million years ago and dominated the planet for 135 million years. Among the largest were the herbivorous sauropods known for their long necks and tails and immense size. For generations of children, the most famous of these giants was the Brontosaurus, or “thunder lizard.”  Continue reading “The Name Game: Brontosaurus vs. Apatosaurus” »

Return of an Extinct Congo Monkey!

First observed in the forests of the Republic of the Congo in 1887, the rare Old World Bouvier’scongo monkey red colobus monkeys (Pilicolobus bouvieri) were distinguished by their reddish fur, large eyes, white chin and whiskers and long tail. Originally considered a sub-species of Pennant’s Colobus monkeys native to Central Africa, they were reclassified as a distinct species in 2007.

Continue reading “Return of an Extinct Congo Monkey!” »