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Celebrating Earth Day

Starting in 1970, Earth Day was created to celebrate environmental protection efforts all over the U.S. Now it is observed in over 190 countries and is the largest secular holiday in the world! To help you make the most of this day with your students, we gathered some awesome Earth Day activities that are hands-on and interactive while also reinforcing environmentally friendly concepts such as recycling, pollution and composting. Check out these activities below to try in the classroom or even in your home!

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Want to get a jump on the gardening season?

It’s time to starting seeds for Your EarthBox Gardening System!

StrawberriesDo you enjoy trying unusual varieties? Would you like to save some money on plants? Try seed starting! It’s quite easy, and incredibly fun to watch your seeds sprout and take off. Most seeds need to be started indoors, grown to the seedling stage, and then transplanted when the weather is warmer.

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