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Chimps Communicate Through Rhythmic Tree Drumming

ChimpanzeeChimpanzees are known for their booming and melodic “pant hoot” vocalizations that echo throughout the rainforest. But few are aware of another equally important and fascinating means of chimpanzee communication—stylistic drumming on buttress roots of trees with their feet. The significance of this drumming has eluded scientists for decades. New research, however, has revealed that these symphonic displays serve not only as a show of physical prowess, but as a tool for long-distance communication.

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The Amazing Human Skin

shutterstock_141567730Quick question: What is the largest organ of the human body? If you said ‘the skin’, give yourself a +1. The skin, consisting of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat layer (hypodermis), is the largest organ of the human body…and arguably one of the most vital to your survival.

In a recent article, scientists outlined some critical functions of the skin. They are: diagnosis of disease, olfactory function, elasticity, temperature regulation, protection and immunity.

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STEM Career Profile: Geneticist

geneticist-salarySome children look like one parent, while others look like both parents; some siblings practically look like identical twins, while other siblings couldn’t look more different. Why are some genes passed down through generations, while others aren’t? Ask a geneticist.

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The Smell of Money

An estimated $30 billion in illegal cash crosses U.S. borders into Mexico annually. Border Patrol has the daunting job of finding it before it leaves, and last year, U.S. officials seized $106 million. The Department of Homeland Security recently put out a public call for currency detection devices. KWJ Engineering responded with a money-sniffing instrument. The Bulk Currency Detection System (BCDS) relies upon gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).


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Football Statistics in Real Time?

How will you spend your winter break? Do your plans include watching a lot of football?


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