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A New Type of Engineering Could Save Earths Climate

Shared from Tech Insider and BBC News.

bubblesWe all know Bill Nye is not shy about sharing his opinions on controversial subjects, and his views on climate change are no different. In an interview with National Geographic a couple of weeks ago he discussed a type of engineering that could have the potential to combat climate change in a major way.

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Earthquake Detection, There’s an App for That!

earthquakeSmartphones have revolutionized the way we work, play, communicate and carry out our day to day lives. Recently, researchers discovered a surprising and potentially life-saving application for this technology: early earthquake detection. This unconventional pocket detector could provide precious seconds for people to take shelter or for utilities to implement emergency shutdown procedures.

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Smart Window Converts Weather into Electricity

It’s unsettling when a strong rain swindowtorm brings down power lines and leave entire neighborhoods without electricity. But, what if you could simply plug a cell phone into the window and let it charge as the storm rages on outside?  Continue reading “Smart Window Converts Weather into Electricity” »

MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack

The room is knuckles cracking 3quiet and the only sound is that of pencils scratching answers on papers as everyone focuses on the exam. Then the silence is broken by the unmistakable sound of someone cracking their knuckles. Scientists now know why knuckles make that distinct popping sound when cracked. Continue reading “MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack” »

STEM Career: Robotics Engineering

humanoid robotRobots are becoming ubiquitous in everyday life. Robots build cars, help us checkout at the grocery store, and complete millions of tasks which human beings used to do. Those who design robots must understand computer science, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and some aspects of human psychology. If you think that you can make better and more efficient robots, then perhaps pursuing a career in robotics engineering is your path.

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Color Blind Painter Tests Correction Glasses

Adam with PaintingsMost people would assume that color blindness, or color vision deficiency, or CVD, would be an issue for anyone wanting to become a painter, but modern day artist Adam Fenton does have CVD and has built a successful career in landscape paintings and color studies.

Fenton tested a new product from 2AI Labs, the Oxy-Iso Glasses, that can “correct” color blindness.

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Hi-Tech Fabric Provides Wearable Heater

nanowire_clothSince the dawn of mankind, keeping warm during the cold winters has been priority. Now, scientists have created an innovative fabric that traps body heat and may eventually provide a cost-effective means to keep you warm and toasty in cold temperatures without turning up the thermostat.

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3D Printing to Expand in Consumer Market

cube_cThe International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) occurs annually in Las Vegas and showcases the latest prototypes consumers can look for in coming years. The 2015 show that concluded in January expanded the amount of space allotted to 3D printers from 7200 square feet to nearly double that amount of exhibit space. This year’s 57 vendors needed that kind of elbow room. For the first time, some vendors exhibited 3D-printed food and clothing, and many more companies displayed models targeted at hobbyists and people who would put 3D printers to personal use.

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A Virtual Walk Around Mars with Microsoft™ HoloLens

microsoft-hololensThere’s no question that working on Mars is a hard gig. Just getting to work calls for a 180-day, one-way commute with no stops for Starbucks™. That is unless you will be investigating the red planet with the new Microsoft™ wearable technology, HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset and platform. Simply put, the HoloLens can project three-dimensional images into the air.
Microsoft and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been jointly developing software that will allow researchers to move around Mars as if they were really there. Imagine being able to kick through the red Martian dust without leaving your office!
This sounds amazing and requires a bit of explanation.

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