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Keeping Skyscrapers Steady

Skyscrapers blue sky Wallpapers Pictures Photos ImagesIf you’ve ever been perched high in a tree when a stiff breeze blows, you know how unsettling a slight sway from vertical feels. Imagine being in a skyscraper with 50 mile per hour winds, buffeting your glass-enclosed condo or office. Feeling queasy?

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Precarious Rocks Give Clues to Future Earthquake Movements

A new approach to predict the intensity and direction of earthquakes lies in an unlikely source — 10,000-yearold, improbably balanced rocks. You’ve probably seen pictures of these; they are astounding, seemingly impossible and a little scary. You certainly wouldn’t want to be standing downhill if they toppled over.

These geological features are called Precariously Balanced Rocks or “PBRs.” They are formed slowly when tectonic forces elevate granite rocks from below ground to the surface, and erosion whittles away the softer surrounding materials leaving the unlikely and amazing result.

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Color Changing Ice Cream?

ice-cream-color-changingIt’s summer! … full of pool parties, picnics, amusement parks and just all-around fun-in-the- sun. And along with all of the good people and times, always comes food! From that delicious burger on the grill to that potato salad to everything in between and all of the delicious desserts, we can never get enough.
And if things couldn’t get any better, there is now an ice cream that changes colors as you lick!

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The Science of Fireworks

fireworks7What are The Fourth of July, baseball games and New Years Eve all known for? FIREWORKS of course! The bright and sparkling lights from fireworks are so unique and beautiful and a great firework show can be unforgettable. But what are fireworks? How do they create those magical displays in the sky? Fireworks may seem astonishing, but the science behind them is easy to understand.

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X-Rays Reveal the Secrets of Ancient Scrolls

Scientists-use-X-rays-to-decipher-charred-Vesuvius-scrollsNearly 2000 years ago, the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed and buried under volcanic ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Despite the devastating destruction, hundreds of papyrus scrolls stored in a Herculaneum library survived. The scrolls were unearthed in the 1750s, but due to their fragile condition, researchers had not been able to unwrap and read them…until now.

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BAMBBridgemanToday’s U.S. Special Tactics Battlefield Airmen forces are highly trained, in peak physical condition and equipped with 150 pounds of gear, weapons and body armor to conduct rescue and assault missions around the world. Often these missions involve challenging physical obstacles such as scaling high walls, crossing waterways and rooftops, or quickly rescuing and transporting injured victims —tasks that require strong, versatile, portable tools. Traditionally standard 40-pound aluminum ladders have been used, but they’re a bulky and heavy burden for personnel already loaded with gear.

To solve this equipment challenge, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory issued the University Design Challenge to engineering students at 16 universities and three military academies. Their mission was to develop a portable, lightweight, multipurpose tool that could traverse a variety of obstacles over a 20-foot gap and was simple to deploy, reusable and able to hold 350 pounds. Each team received $20,000 and had nine months to complete their design. Continue reading ““BAMBI” BACKPACK DESIGNED TO BUILD BRIDGES FOR MILITARY” »


higg_bosonEver ask this question: How do we exist? That question had been plaguing physicists for decades, and this summer there might be an answer. The particle that would complete the standard model of physics with an explanation of why objects in our universe have mass may have been found according to a press release on July 4, 2012, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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