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Giving transplant patients a second chance to soar

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, 121,357 people are currently waiting for an organ transplant in the U.S. alone. Some of these people are probably your loved ones, your neighbor, your best friend or your co-worker. Organ transplants have the possibility to extend the lives of thousands of people each year and it has been Thermo Fisher Scientific’s mission to advance the field of transplantation and improve the quality of life for both patients and their families. Read on to find out how one transplant recipient benefited from our diagnostic tools and technologies and has committed her life to paying it forward.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Leads to Breakthroughs

ice bucket challengeHow many of you spent last summer dumping a bucket of ice water over your head all in the name of charity? While most participants did donate to the cause, as well as take the frigid challenge, skeptics had a whole different take on the event as they wondered how ice water could actually make a difference. A year later and their questions are answered: money donated to the ALS Foundation has allowed researchers to work faster and more diligently so that a treatment may be as close as two to three years away.

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“Smart” Gel Immediately Begins Healing Process

Image thhike-with-dogis scenario: You’re hiking through the primeval forest with your favorite hiking companion – your dog. You two have enjoyed many similar excursions through all kinds of terrain without incident, but today, neither of you are so lucky. A freak rockslide leaves the animal severely cut and bleeding profusely. You know the blood flow is dangerously fast and must be stopped before your canine friend bleeds out. You have to do something quickly.

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MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack

The room is knuckles cracking 3quiet and the only sound is that of pencils scratching answers on papers as everyone focuses on the exam. Then the silence is broken by the unmistakable sound of someone cracking their knuckles. Scientists now know why knuckles make that distinct popping sound when cracked. Continue reading “MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack” »

Healing Optimized Thanks to Virtual Wounds

bandaged-handComplex events occur within the human body, such as when the body fights off an infection or repairs cell damage. This inflammatory process is critical for survival — without it the body cannot repair itself. Researchers like Gary An, surgeon and researcher at the University of Chicago in Illinois, and Shayn Peirce, researcher at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, are using Agent-based modeling (ABM) to create “virtual wounds” with immune cells as programmable “agents.” Their models are robust enough to closely simulate the body’s actual inflammation response.

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Color Blind Painter Tests Correction Glasses

Adam with PaintingsMost people would assume that color blindness, or color vision deficiency, or CVD, would be an issue for anyone wanting to become a painter, but modern day artist Adam Fenton does have CVD and has built a successful career in landscape paintings and color studies.

Fenton tested a new product from 2AI Labs, the Oxy-Iso Glasses, that can “correct” color blindness.

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Portable Instant Blood Test Provides Fast Results

thBlood tests offer a way for doctors to determine how their patients’ bodies are functioning. After a clinical worker collects the patient’s blood sample, many procedures occur in order for doctors to get the blood test results for their patients.
Currently, tests are performed on complicated, bulky lab equipment that is time consuming and labor intensive. Now, a company called Radisens Diagnostics claims that they have developed a blood-lab-in-a-box; a new way to perform blood tests for particular diseases.


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