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“Smart” Gel Immediately Begins Healing Process

Image thhike-with-dogis scenario: You’re hiking through the primeval forest with your favorite hiking companion – your dog. You two have enjoyed many similar excursions through all kinds of terrain without incident, but today, neither of you are so lucky. A freak rockslide leaves the animal severely cut and bleeding profusely. You know the blood flow is dangerously fast and must be stopped before your canine friend bleeds out. You have to do something quickly.

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Horse Facial Expressions Mirror Humans

Body lahorse-laughingnguage and facial expression in particular are a nonverbal language that’s universally understood. Around the globe, a smile conveys unequivocal happiness while a scowl shows contempt. Humans, in fact, can convey more than 27 emotions through facial expressions alone. Interestingly, new research has revealed that humans are not the only species to utilize facial movements to display emotion.

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Is Climate Change Spreading Infectious Diseases?

Buruli ulcer is not an affliction disease strainyou would like anyone to contract. Caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans, it produces a toxin which necrotizes tissue and hampers immune response. Up to 6000 cases are reported annually to the World Health Organization from 15 countries. Though 80 percent of cases can be cured by antibiotics if caught early, late reporting is typical, leading to a high proportion of permanent disability.

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Fat Grizzly Bears Stay Healthy and Diabetes-Free

There’s no denying that grizzly bears are huge animals and gain even more weight when getting ready to hibernate (they can gain 100 pounds begrizzly bearfore hibernation). If humans don’t take care of themselves, it can lead to weight gain or other serious issues such as diabetes. Grizzly bears can stuff their stomachs and then sleep like there’s no tomorrow knowing that they don’t have to worry about their diet or diabetes. New research, published in the August 2014 issue of Cell Metabolism, sheds some light into this seemingly unfair phenomenon.

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MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack

The room is knuckles cracking 3quiet and the only sound is that of pencils scratching answers on papers as everyone focuses on the exam. Then the silence is broken by the unmistakable sound of someone cracking their knuckles. Scientists now know why knuckles make that distinct popping sound when cracked. Continue reading “MRI Scan Reveals Why Knuckles Crack” »

Why are Dutch people so tall?

Dutch_WindmillThe Netherlands is officially the tallest country on planet Earth. For the most part, scientists believed this was due to wealth, a rich diet and quality health care. But a new study suggests that the overall height of Dutch people may actually be human evolution in action.

Scientists have identified 180 genes that influence your height. Individually, all account for a very small effect, but combined, may explain up to 80% of the variation in height of a population.

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Animals with Superpowers! Really!

Hummingbird-Ruby-Throat Considering the popularity of all of the Marvel Comics movies, it’s pretty easy to see that everyone enjoys super powers.
All of the high leaping over buildings, shooting of poison gases, transforming from one shape or form to another, incredible feats of strength and immortality do make captivating stories. They allow our imaginations to soar.
Humans may be limited to super powers on the big screen, but there are some simple and sometimes unseen creatures, whose super powers are not imaginary at all. Let’s meet some.

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