Thermo Fisher employees inspire students to take flight for Innovation at Tech Challenge

More than 80 employees from six of our California sites demonstrated their commitment to
STEM education by volunteering at the 29th Tech Challenge in Silicon Valley. The Tech Challenge  is an annual engineering competition set out to inspire students to combat a certain issue using engineering and design principles. This year’s theme was “Taking Flight” which challenged students to design and build gliders that could deliver supplies to a remote location.

Students in grade 4 – 12 were tested on creativity, problem solving skills, leadership, risk-taking and perseverance while they presented their final projects for everyone to see. Each team launched their gliders over a mini-mountain range that was built for the event and were evaluated on whether they could land the cargo (ping pong balls) safely in a pre-determined location within a specific time.

Students were also required to maintain a journal to document their design, materials cost and their test process for the glider. The judges used the journal as well as the final design to come to a conclusion on the winners in each grade division.

“It was great to see lots of inspiration from the kids as they worked through the challenge,” said Ken Kapur, Senior Compliance Program Manager for the Chromatography and Analytical Technologies Division. “It was really good to see a large representation of volunteers from Thermo Fisher Scientific Bay Area sites. I was glad to see engineering programs and STEM promoted in the local area and for kids at a young age.”

This year’s Tech Challenge had 2,600 students participate as well as 600 volunteers. Thermo Fisher Scientific was a key corporate sponsor allowing low-income students to participate at no cost! It’s events like this that make us proud to have the opportunity to impact students’ lives and to promote STEM education in districts or schools who might not always have the same opportunity to practice science.

For more information about the Tech Challenge, click here.


Source: This was originally posted on our employee web portal iConnect.


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