15 Images That Will Leave You in Awe of Science

This is an image of oil paint floating in a solution of water and methylated spirits.: When you think of science what usually comes to mind? It’s doubtful that colorful imagery or bright, exciting chemical reactions that look like they’re going to jump out at you from the page are top of your list. Believe it or not, all of these images below are in fact science reactions captured by some of the world’s greatest photographers. Read on and be prepared to be completely in awe of science!




1.) Ice crystals in formation Rainbow of colors and light.



2.) Arsenic sulphide dissolved in a solution



3.) Antenna of a male moth



4.) Tentacles of a carnivorous plant



5.) Mouse retina

Mouse retina.



6.) The diatom known as “Rock Snot”



7.) Watercolors combined with ferrofluid

Artist Fabian Oefner's project Millefiori is, like most of the projects we've ever shared by him, a mixture of science and art. By combining vibrant waterc:



8.) Fossilized dinosaur bone



9.) Reflected light rays through a thin film of water and soap

soap macro photography jane thomas



10.) The eye of a honeybee



11.) Cobalt (II) chloride in sodium metasilicate solution

Chemical Reactions Shot in Ultra HD Look Like Alien Life



12.) The leafy sea dragon (Phycodurus eques)

Gallery: Awards for best science and nature photos - Australian Geographic:



13.) The Horsehead Nebula

The horse nebula



14.) Crystal patterns in geode rock

Ron Mellott for Stocksy United



15.) The Cat’s Eye Nebula

See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.



Pretty impressive right? For more images like this, check out our Science and Nature and The Art of Science boards on our Pinterest page!


*Disclaimer: We take no credit for the images above. Their original source can be found by clicking on the numbered titles of each image

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