The National Park Service turns 100

yosemite nat parkOn August 25, 2016 The National Park Service will be turning 100 years old. To get ready for this huge milestone in the organization’s history, they have been partnering with institutions across the country on different programs, events and activities to help increase awareness and support for America’s 407 national parks. Now more than ever, it’s important we encourage students to go outdoors and explore everything that nature has to offer and thanks to the National Park Service, we have been able to do that for almost 100 years.

Celestron, which we proudly offer, has also partnered with the National Park Service for this special celebration by creating a line of National Park Foundation licensed products made with the breathtaking and natural features of the outdoors in mind. This centennial celebration is all about inspiring people to connect with, enjoy and support our national parks and Celestron’s new line of products allow people to do just that! Whether you’re viewing the park’s wildlife or observing the Milky Way, their National Park licensed product line contains all of the features you need to create memories for a lifetime. Check out their products in action in the video below. Do you plan on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service? Let us know in the comments below!


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