Dallas Students are STEM-credible with Donated Lab Safety Kits

The scientists and researchers who are making the next monumental breakthrough in science today all got their start in a classroom science lab. Whether it was the first time they looked at paramecium through a microscope or the first time they mixed hydrogen peroxide with potassium iodide, something clicked inside every one of those students and made them realize that science is going to be their life’s work. We here at Fisher Science Education are extremely proud to be the one providing students with products and resources that are used in this pivotal moment in their life so whenever we come across a school or district who does not have access to the necessary funding to provide these “aha” moments, we jump at the chance to help them. Read on to see how we implemented our new corporate social responsibility program to a school district in need.

The Dallas Independent School District is the second largest school district in Texas and the twelfth largest in the U.S. It also has the second largest percentage of students identified as low-income. Large, urban districts such as this one often experience less than sufficient budgets which makes it difficult for educators to keep their classrooms stocked with the equipment and supplies they need. When one of our sales representatives brought the Dallas ISD to our attention and mentioned they were in need of some resources, it was all hands on deck to make sure we could help with our STEM-credible lab safety kit program.

In order to accomplish this we needed to call in reinforcements, so a little over a month ago at our National Sales Meeting we tasked our co-workers as well as our supplier partners with a challenge: package 1,000 STEM-credible kits for students in the Dallas ISD. We had a total of 81 people to help out with this worthy cause and were able to complete the challenge in just 45 minutes! We found that the most efficient way to package the kits was in an assembly line with each employee taking ownership of a material to place in the bags.

As well as the 1,000 STEM-credible lab safety kits, we also donated approximately $25,000 in other lab supplies such as flasks, burettes and even furniture! The donation definitely caught Dallas ISD educators by surprise, “I don’t think they realized how much it really was until they saw us unloading the truck and bringing it in,” said Daniel Mahoney, our Business Development Manager. “They were thrilled with the donation.”

Our suppliers were thrilled as well. Doug Boyd from Ohaus said, “The event not only strengthened the partnership between both organizations but focused on a very worthy cause.” Directly helping students in such an impactful way really resonated with everyone involved and forced us all to step back and put things into perspective.

Fisher Science Education is an ambassador for efforts that give back to the community and this is a prime example of how we can help make a difference. Hopefully because of these efforts, there will be a few more students in the Dallas ISD who are now able to have their “aha” moment.


Source: This was originally posted on our employee web portal iConnect.

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