Chefs Rely on Ohaus to Teach Ingredient Consistency and Portioning

foodworld_penncollege_bodyphoto3Accuracy. Consistency. Reliability. These are the words that best describe Ohaus and the kinds of standards that are always top of mind when they’re designing their products. Their unwavering commitment to high-quality and durability makes them a staple in almost every industry so it’s no surprise that the students enrolled in The Pennsylvania College of Technology’s School of Hospitality’s Baking & Pastry Arts program are finding success with Ohaus balances.

Charles Niedermyer, Chef Instructor at the school, emphasizes accuracy in measuring ingredients and portioning finished products in his teachings. He compares baking to a science and encourages his students to measure their ingredients by weight instead of volume for consistent, profitable food production. Weighing also reduces the amount of wasted ingredients, keeping costs low and allowing for a more reliable method than volume measurements that are commonly used. Since Niedermyer needed equipment that was durable, reliable and consistent, the Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme portable food scale was his obvious scale of choice for his classroom. “The OHAUS products and brand name are recognized as some of the most reliable in education,” said Niedermyer. “I knew they would offer a quality-made product that would meet our needs for an economical price.” All of the features of the Valor 3000 make it ideal for food portioning and can be used to fit the specific needs of any culinary classroom.


You can read the full article and all of the remarkable features of the Valor 3000 Xtreme scales here!

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